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At drdonnavice.com, we offer high-quality whole-food supplements from Whole-istic Solutions since 2002. Fifteen supplements are available from Whole-istic Solutions, including the combo pack, which includes Digestive, EFA, and Vitamin-Mineral-Antioxidant supplements and a $4 savings.

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This site is provided by Dr. Donna Vice, Doctor of Naturopathy and Natural Health Counselor. Donna graduated in 2000 from the College of Natural Health, founded by Dr. Joel Robbins.

In addition to supplements from Whole-istic Solutions, we're excited and proud to have a DVD and CDs from Dr. Joel Robbins available again on our website.

Dr. Donna Vice encourages a healthier liefstyle through diet, exercise and supplementation. For questions, call (641) 937-9093.

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