Dr. Joel Robbins CDs

We are excited to unveil a brand new series of educational Audio CDs available from Dr. Joel Robbins. These CDs can be listened to on your stereo, on your computer or in your car.


About Dr. Joel Robbins

Since 1978 Dr. Joel Robbins has been practicing in the field of complimentary health care, utilizing the full scope of his chiropractic license and naturopathic degree. Although Dr. Robbins also has medical training and recognizes the need for traditional health care (allopathic medicine), he has chosen not to be licensed in that field, as he feels his calling is helping people back to health through natural medicine.

Dr. Robbins views traditional medicine as being useful for crisis care—saving a life—but it does little to address the cause of health problems. Nutrient deficiencies and toxicity, Dr. Robbins believes, are the basic contributors to disease. Therefore, the primary focus of Dr. Robbins’ practice centers around two things: what the patient is possibly doing wrong that is causing deficiencies and/or toxicity of the body and, two, what the body needs to restore itself to health. Dr. Robbins is a strong advocate of the body’s own healing ability, but believes the patient must give the body the opportunity to do so through lifestyle changes including: diet, juicing, food supplements, rest, exercise, and natural therapies.

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